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Sewing Shop Now Open

Sewing Shop Now Open

Last Friday our women’s sewing shop opened! After months of learning and training, they have now started their own business. In March, as many of you know, a few parties were held to raise money. With this money they all received machines, supplies, and 1 year of rent for a shop. They were so excited to move their machines over to the store.

Here they are moving from our front porch to their new road side store near their village:

Claudine with her (heavy!) machine

Vestine the model :)

Madeline, Claudine and Blondine

We hired a bicycle to carry the table of the machine

All the lovely ladies

And they are off!

Babies and machines--they are strong!

  • David Bannick

    I am so thrilled to see all the happy faces.  It is so totally thrilling .  I hope they do well and get lots of business without allot of problems!  I pray they will all get along well and they will all be busy.  Good idea and great job. xxx mom

  • Tracey

    Wow!  Your record for creating jobs is better than here locally ;)   What an amazing joy shows on those ladies faces!  How nice that they have a goal and hopes to support their families with the fruit of their labor.  God is blessing them and it is so nice to see.

  • Shelley Ann

    What a great report! The women look happy and eager to start. I hope they, and their business, are blessed with work and healthy incomes as they try to better themselves and provide for their families.