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Boys Visit Kigali

Boys Visit Kigali

A couple weeks ago we had Isaac, Shema, and Theoneste stay with us overnight to spend a bit of time with them before the new school year starts. Isaac actually even spent 5 days with us while he took entrance exams for his new school. We had such a fun time with them! We had Meze Fresh (Rwandan Chipotle), played football, went back to school shopping for clothes, and Chad took them to see Star Wars. We cannot believe how tall they are getting! They really are close to the same height as me (Kortney). Isaac turned 16 in August and the other two will turn 16 this year.

As may have read in our newsletters, Isaac and Shema will be starting at a new school here in Kigali. It is called Kigali Christian School. It was started by Youth for Christ International. Isaac will be in S2 (8th grade) and Shema will be in S1 (7th grade). Theoneste will finish up his last year at Excel School (P6) in Musanze before joining his friends at KCS. At the end of P6 all students take the Rwandan National Exams to see if they can continue with free public education. If you do not pass, then the only options are paying for continued education, or being finished with school. Shema just took his in October and he passed! He was in division 1 which is the best! We are proud of how far they all have come!

Here are some fun pics from our time together:



Late Christmas gifts



Playing with chalk


Football with friends



Back to school shopping


Theoneste : Age 15, (P6, 6th grade)


Shema : Age 15 (S1, 7th grade)


Isaac : Age 16, S2 (8th Grade)

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