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Sunzu Library Opening

Sunzu Library Opening

Saturday we had the privilege in attendingĀ the dedication ceremony for the opening of Sunzu Library. This has been a project in the works for a couple years now (maybe a bit more). Our friend’s Dan and Frances were the great minds and work behind this beautiful gift to the Sunzu community. Sunzu is located on a hill near Lake Burera (looked it up because it is BEAUTIFUL!) where there is a large village. The hopes for the library is that it brings the community together in addition to help the people learn to read. The next project is to build a play ground for the many many kids! This is really showing Christ’s love! It is a HUGE blessing to the people and you could see it on their faces on Saturday.

We want to specifically thank Arizona Hills Community Church for your dedication to Sunzu village. For two summers, a group of people from this church came and served by helping to build and fund this library! Thank you!! There were many others too that helped fund and we are thankful to them for making this possible. We are excited to share these wonderful pictures with you!



Beautiful choir for the opening ceremony


Inema Arts painting murals on the outside of the library


Olive enjoying all the new books


Inside of the new library. All the books were donated!


The design is awesome!


Even the roof is pretty!


Having fun at the ceremony


Intore dancers (traditional Rwandan dancing)


The girls loved the dancing (Chad too!)


Traditional Rwandan harp. Olive was a bit skeptical :)


Cutting of the ribbon


We all circled the library and prayed over it

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