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About Us

Chad and Kortney met at the end of 2007 through mutual friends. Just one and a half months later they started looking at rings and were engaged in April of 2008 and married by October the same year. On one of their first dates, Chad told Kortney that he felt God was calling him to missions. Although Kortney had never thought of this before, she prayed for the same desire if that was God’s will for their lives.

After getting married and pursuing God’s purpose, an opportunity came up to work with a non-profit. The work was being done in Rwanda, Africa. After prayer and discussion, they felt this was God’s calling. Chad has a degree in business so the organization wanted help in the area where he was gifted. They moved to Rwanda in April 2011. Their first year in Rwanda, God has used them to help their organization sponsor families in great need, organize and train 38 pastors from 6 different denominations, help four boys go to a Christian school, start a bible study and english class, and build friendships that will last a lifetime. They were committed to staying in Rwanda until April of 2012 with their former organization.

As of May 2012, they joined a new organization called Global Training Network. Chad and Kortney felt as though God was calling them to stay in Rwanda and were praying to see what God’s next step was for them. A great opportunity with GTN arose, and they felt this is where they were to serve next. GTN started a new branch called Global Justice Mission where they fit in. This is doing holistic work while still sharing the Gospel. Chad and Kortney help organize Pastor Trainings, Sanctity of Human Life Trainings, the three boys (Isaac, Shema, and Theoneste) go to a private Christian boarding school (through your help!), and many new opportunities are being brought before them.

October 6, 2012 Chad and Kortney had their first daughter, Olive Grace! She was born in the States and they went back to Rwanda as a family (and are there currently) February 2013. They do not have a time commitment, but they do not want to put a time limit on God’s work, so the length of stay is unknown at this point. Thank you to all who have supported, prayed, encouraged, or even just read this blog!

The Boys and Us

The Boys and Us