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Prayer Requests

This is where you can keep up to date on our current prayer requests. We are so thankful for our prayer team out there!! God hears your prayers!

March 18, 2014


>Two-week Pastor Training starts tomorrow. Over 20 pastors will be learning how to better reach their communities for Christ.

>Isaac as he prepares for the National Exams that he will take this fall.

>Karyne Norton and her inlaws as they are currently traveling to Rwanda. Jon’s parents will be here visiting for a week.


>Our health has been great! We are so thankful Olive hasn’t even been sick beyond a runny nose.

>For the trainers who travel across the world to teach here in Rwanda.


October 15, 2013


>For the November Pastor Training and Sanctity of Human Life Trainings<<they went great!

>For Isaac, Shema, and Theoneste as they finish up their exams for the year.


>Successful September Pastor Training! 27 Pastors are better reaching their communities for Christ

>For our continued health.


September 2, 2013


>For the two Pastor Training conferences this fall (September and November).

>For the future of projects put before us.


>We reached our goal to help fund the fall Pastor Training conferences!

>The boys are loving their new school-Excel.


July 9, 2013


>For the boy we are helping, Emmanuel. He is struggling right now. Pray that he finds Christ and clings to Him.

>For Chad as ministry opportunities rise up. For wisdom and discernment.


>God is opening so many doors for ministry.


April 17, 2013


>As we get settled into Kigali and a different pace of life.

>For our visitors that will be coming this Friday (vision trip).

>For the Pastor Trainings and Sanctity of Human Life Trainings that will be taking place at the beginning of May.

>As the boys get ready to go back to boarding school April 22nd.


>God’s continuous grace and provision in our lives.


March 9, 2013 (sorry it’s been so long–it’s not because we didn’t need prayer! :)


>New connections being made.

>As the boys continue in Wisdom School.


>Arrived safely back in Rwanda February 23rd.


August 8, 2012


>Kortney is in her 32nd week of pregnancy! Everything is looking great and we look forward to meeting our lil girl October 2nd!

>For Chad has he is back in Rwanda for the month of August. He is planning the November pastor training and all those details.

>The boys as they are currently on break. Please pray they make good decisions and keep trying hard in school when they return at the end of the month.

>Continued prayers for our visas :)


>Time spent with family and friends while in the States.

>Theoneste is currently #4 in his class!!!


May 23, 2012


>Kortney is in her 21st week of pregnancy and we have found out it is a girl!

>A nearby village was badly flooded and is in need of prayer. All of their crops (their man livelihood have been ruined) and many of the houses have been damaged or collapsed.

>We have a group of 7 coming out June 4th-11th to see how they can get involved in the ministry taking place here in Rwanda.

>Chad and Kortney will be leaving June 20th for the States, so please be praying for their last few weeks in Rwanda (they will return :) ).


>The GTN trip was great! We are excited to see how God is going to use the team here in Rwanda.

>The women’s sewing store is starting to get business!

May 10, 2012


> Please pray for Kortney as she is in her 19th week of pregnancy

>For the women’s new sewing store to do well

>For an upcoming GJM trip to Rwanda–consisting of 7 people

>Please continue to pray for our visas


>The GTN trip to Rwanda this week was great! Many opportunities have opened up and we are excited to see what God has in store for the future.

>Women’s Bible study is going strong and is encouraging every week.


April 22, 2012


>Please pray for Isaac, Theoneste, Emmanuel, and Shema as they start their 2nd term tomorrow.

>Pray for Kortney as she goes into her 17th week of pregnancy!

>Pray for visitors coming May 5th to see the potential in working in Rwanda with us (other GTN staff).


>Isaac is growing stronger and stronger in his faith. He witnessed for 1/2 and hour to a moto taxi driver!

>We had an amazing VBS week last week. Over 2500 children attended and heard about Christ!


April 5, 2012


>Please continue to pray for our visa situation. We have someone high up that will be helping us with this in the next week or so. < < We have turned in our paper work, but are still waiting. Thank you for praying! (4/22)

>For the women’s Bible study–that they would see and accept God’s grace and mercy.

>For Isaac, Shema, Theoneste, and Emmanuel as they are on break right now.

>For Rwanda. Next week, April 7th-14th, is when they have a remembrance of the genocide. This is a hard time for many people. Please pray that God would be present and comfort those who need Him most.


>All the boys did wonderfully in school this term!

>We had a great time with Chad’s mom! Thank you that she arrived home safely.

>The women’s sewing group is wrapping up and they have learned and made so much progress!


March 13, 2012


>Please be praying for Isaac as he has been sick throwing up for 2 weeks now. He has been to the hospital several times. We are trying to figure out a medication that will help him. –ANSWERED! Isaac is feeling much better now. All tests came back negative for everything :) Thank you!!

>Be praying for our visa situation. We have been trying to get a visa for a couple months now. –We are still working on this.

>Please pray for God’s direction and wisdom as we continue our work here in Rwanda.


>Women’s sewing group made a huge profit from a party that was held last weekend. Thank you to all those who helped!!!

>Chad’s mom arrived safely last Friday the 9th. We are so excited to be able to spend time with her until April 2nd.